Recipe: Delicious Healthy Ragi Porridge For Kids

Healthy Ragi Porridge For Kids. Ragi is a healthy gluten free diet for kids. It's a great source of fibre. Ragi porridge for babies – Learn how to start ragi for babies, I have included lot of tips on how to prevent constipation or motions due to ragi.

This is how my little one likes it, but you could make it tastier by tempering with mustard seeds and curry leaves like upma for older kids. Makes Babies Feel Fuller Now that you know why ragi is good for babies let's look at how to make ragi porridge for baby. Initially, introduce ragi porridge to your little baby. You can cook Healthy Ragi Porridge For Kids using 3 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Healthy Ragi Porridge For Kids

  1. It’s 4 spoons of Whole Ragi.
  2. You need 1/2 cup of Water.
  3. You need As per taste of Rock Sugar or Palm Sugar.

No Obesity: The healthy amino acids in the ragi could take away excess fat and reduce cholesterol levels. This recipe is rich in calcium. Let's find out how it is made. Many of these toppings are made with pantry staples, so you can easily make these toppings any day of the week.

Healthy Ragi Porridge For Kids instructions

  1. Take whole Ragi 4 spoons. Add little water and soak for 30 mins..
  2. After 30 mins,wash it well and Grind it smooth by adding little water.
  3. Using a filter now extract fresh Ragi Milk.
  4. Now Fresh Ragi Milk is ready.. Rich in Calcium and Protien.
  5. Transfer to a Boiling Pan and cook for 5 min.. keep strirring to avoid lumps.
  6. Add little salt or Rock sugar or palm sugar For taste.
  7. .

Porridge is such a big part of our family's morning routine. Feeding Sprouted Ragi porridge will ensure to keep the baby full for a longer time. We at Early Foods are committed to make your little one's first experiences with food positive. Another dish, Ragi Kanji (porridge) is a commonly found as a healthy dish in the state of Tamil Nadu," he adds. Despite many health benefits, Ragi remains absent in our diets and we haven't really embraced it.

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